Construction design services

This is where all the magic of construction starts, and as EXCITE CONSTRUCTION LIMITED, we boast ourselves of tremendous competence in this field. We build the Client’s concept of construction to suite his/her desires and we come out with a complete project; Architectural drawings, Structural drawings and Artistic Impressions (3 D’S). We also assist our clients in obtaining project approvals from Local Government Councils. Relevant reports necessary for such approvals can also be obtained at EXCITE CONSTRUCTION LIMITED, for example site survey reports, geo-technical reports, bills of quantities among others. In the end we deliver legally approved construction drawings that are economically, structurally and aesthetically satisfying to our clients.

Construction services

EXCITE CONSTRUCTION LIMITED has through the years provided construction services to many of our clients and their response has always been nothing but satisfaction. The ability to study the individual project constraints and to carefully merge them to meet the clients’ needs has been critical for our continual success. We also prioritize teamwork. Our technical team is competent in organizing and advising the various participants on the project and also promotes friendly dispute resolution techniques on the project. Our construction capabilities include among others:
  • Residential houses
  • Storeyed apartment blocks, hostels and hotels
  • Hospitals and staff housing
  • Storm water channels, drainage systems and plumbing works
  • Warehouses
  • Arcades and shopping malls
  • Building renovations, interior designs and building remodeling
  • Road works, car parks and landscaping
  • Furniture and fittings
  • Air conditioner installations, repairs and transfers
  • Structural steel works and glass works 

Project management

Our competent and experienced staff at EXCITE CONSTRUCTION LIMITED is well versed with all the technicalities of project management. The ability to monitor both costs and time on a project, and yet still deliver quality work is the backbone of our company.

Real Estate:

At EXCITE CONSTRUCTION LIMITED, we assist our clients to process genuine land titles in any part of Uganda. Our qualified and experienced staff helps the client obtain value for money in the property being purchased, and ensure accelerated process of transfer of title. We carry out cadastral surveying to ascertain the property boundaries, supplemented with a comprehensive survey reports. All this is done at a cost friendly price. We also have several housing properties in several regions of the country; available both for sale and rent. We also have properties for commercial use like; warehouses, office spaces, apartments and so on Contact us for more information